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Now your classified ads can appear on the hottest Classified Network in the country. One phone call enables you to place your classified ad in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and the Lake Placid News and a Website that can be seen by millions. CALL TODAY 518- 891-2600 to place your ad.

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Are you missing your dog? Please call the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 518-891-2600, and we will run your ad for free for six days!

9 - 99707

Moving Auction Saturday September 19, 9 a.m. sharp.11828 Black Bass Lane, Crivitz, (Crooked Lake). 5 tractors, Truck, tools, pontoon board, guns, snowmobile, 4 wheeler, lawn mowers, snow blowers, antiques, household and more. Col. Barb's Real Estate & Auction LLC, 920.209.9447
9 - 195908

Wanted: Honda CB750 models from 1969-1978. Cash paid, will pick up, running or not. Will consider other interesting 1970's motorcycles. Please call 9am-5pm (715-356-7346) or email (
Please include info and picture if possible.
9 - 195909

Monday through
Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

"Brownie", neutered male dsh 1 year old black; "Koltan", dlh 7 years old neutered male orange; "Gepetto", dsh neutered male 3 years old black; "Halo", dsh black and white 13 years old spayed female; "Brie", dsh brown tabby spayed female 1 year old; "Sydney", dsh grey and white spayed female 2-3 years old; "Meme", dsh neutered male brown tabby 7 months old; "Willie", dsh neutered male 8 years old brown tabby; "Sparky", dsh neutered male deaf orange and white 11 years old; "Ming", dsh male black 1 year old cerebella hypoplasia; "Shiloh", dlh brown tabby and white 1 year old spayed female; "Tarzan", dsh black male 8 weeks old; "Macy", spayed female black 6 months old dsh; "Meeko", dsh black and white neutered male 10 weeks old; Yuffie, dsh grey and white spayed female 2 years old; "Nixie", dlh grey neutered male 3 years old; "Yuna", dsh black spayed female 1 year old; "Blossum", dsh buff spayed female 5 years old; "Love Bug", dmh female brown tabby and white 8 months old; "Sigmund", dsh male buff 5 months old; "Bear", dsh female black 5 months old; "Danica", dsh female brown tabby and white 1 year old; "Pumpkin", dsh orange and white 5 months old male; "Chunk", dsh brown tabby and white female 5 months old; "Alistair", dsh buff male 5 months old; "Gaia", dsh spayed female torbi 1 year old; "Jacques", dlh brown tabby neutered male 5 months old; "Luci", dlh brown tabby spayed female 5 months old; "Pippy", calico dsh female 2 years old; "Daisy", dsh 3 months old brown tabby spayed female; "Happy", neutered male brown tabby dsh 3 months old; "Sunny", dsh buff neutered male 2 years old

Come visit the shelter to see all of our animals available for adoption.

If you are missing a pet, please call the shelter immediately to report it. There is a good chance your pet will end up in a shelter if he runs away.

9 - 555106

QUEEN Size Brass Head Board; $75.00
9 - 556559

BOOKS; 2 boxes of (20) war-related hardback and paperback; $10.00 each
9 - 556537

2 Futons FREE in SL
Good condition. Leave message at
9 - 160531

PRINT; Pilgrim's Thanksgiving; professionally matted/framed; 25x21"; $8.00
9 - 556685

CD Player, 5 disc, with remote. Almost new, needs amplifier to work. $50.
9 - 556662

9 - 777157

Your 5 line ad will run a week in The Messenger and The Daily Freeman Journal and the Consumer News. Call the Classified Advertising Dept. today at:
Price included
in ad
Photo no additional charge
Private party
Ad must be pre-paid
Additional lines $3.85
9 - 130358

Found ads will be
inserted FREE for three days. Lost ADS are at our line rate.

The Fairmont Sentinel
9 - 160934

Are you missing
your cat? Please
call the Adirondack
Daily En-terprise,
, and
we will run your ad
for free for six days!

9 - 99708

115 Featherbed Ln.
Winchester 540-662-8616
Mon.-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-4

Pitbull, spayed female, 5 years, red/white, "Veronica"; Pitbull mix, neutered male, 3 years, black/white, "Madden"; Pitbull, spayed female, 4 years, black/white, "Melody"; Jack Russell Terrier, neutered male, 2 years, white/tan, "Moe"; Pitbull, spayed female, 8 years, tan/ white, "Lucille"; Pitbull mix, neutered male, 5 months, black/white, "Jude"; and Border Collie mix, neutered male, 7 months, tan/white, "Chaz".

DSH, spayed female, 3 years, brown tabby, "Heather"; DSH, spayed female, 6 years, grey/ white, "Savannah"; DSH, neutered male, 1 year, black, "Connery"; DSH, neutered male, 1 year, black, "Maverick"; DSH, spayed female, 1.5 years, black/white, "Momma Kitty"; DSH, spayed female, 2 years, black/orange tortoise shell, "Reece"; DSH, neutered male, 6 months, white, "Logan"; DSH, neutered male, 2 years, grey/white, "Munk"; DMH, spayed female, 8 years, orange tabby, "Bo"; DSH, neutered male, 6 years, buff/white "Chad"; DSH, neutered male, 5 years, grey/white, "Alex"; DSH, neutered male, 3 years, black, "Shadow"; DSH, spayed female, 6 months, black/white, "Beemer"; DSH, neutered male, 5 years, orange/white tabby, "Beauregard"; DSH, neutered male, 5 years, grey tabby, "Wade"; and DSH, neutered male, 6 years, white/yellow, "Yoda".

Please ask us about
Spay Virginia for low cost spaying and neutering.
Make Sure that all your pets are spayed or neutered. They will live longer and healthier lives! spca
9 - 461037