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National medical
billing firm is looking for candidates to work in their Tiffin location. This is an Office Assistant
position and the hours are
Monday - Friday from 8:00 am -
5:00 pm.
Applicants must have qualities of a team player, be detail-oriented, highly organized, and the ability to
follow process workflow.
Candidates must be proficient in
Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe. Applicants will be performing general office administrative duties and is an
entry level position. Interested
candidates send resumes to: info@ecsbilling
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The Marshall Independent
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UNITED STATES AIR FORCE veteran seeks Full-time employment in the Marquette,
Ishpeming and Negaunee area. Please email me at:
The Marquette Mining Journal
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EARN thousand$ from home. Be careful of work-at-home sch- emes. Hidden costs can add up, and requirements may be
unrealistic. Learn how to avoid work-at-home scams. Call the Federal Trade Commission. 1-877-FTC- HELP. A message from the Tribune Chronicle, The Vindicator and the FTC.
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Investigate before you invest. Call the Ohio Division of Securities BEFORE purchasing an investment. Call the Division's Investor Protection Hotline at 800-788-1194 to learn if the investment is properly registered and if the seller is properly licensed. (This notice is a public service of The Marietta Times.)
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The Faribault County Register
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Is looking for
Reliable Carriers in:

Montoursville - District 60 Route MTV3470
Bennett St, Broad St., Cherry St., Jordan Ave., Mulberry St., North Arch St., North Loyalsock Ave., North Montour St.

No Collections.
Customers 153
Approximate Monthly
Profit + Tips $730

Williamsport - District 50
Route WPT3320
Blair St., Elliott St.,
Grampian Blvd., Lafayette Pkwy., Reed St.,
Sheridan St.

No Collections.
Customers 83
Approximate Monthly
Profit + Tips $400.00

David P. Montis
570-326-1551 ext. 1149

Montgomery District 60
Route MTR6120
Porch Delivery in town, motor route delivery Cemetery Hill Rd, Pinchtown Rd, Route 54 area

No Collections
Customers 145
Approximate Monthly
Profit $790 + tips

Ruth Hurst Ext. 1150
Dave Montis Ext. 1149

Muncy District 60
Route Mun5260
Carpenter St, Charles Rd, Green St, Pepper St, Water St, Main St, Market St

No Collections
Customers 155
Approximate Monthly
Profit $830 + tips

Ruth Hurst Ext. 1150
David Montis Ex 1149

All routes available

Montgomery &
Watsontown District 60
Route MTR6310
In town Watsontown,
Route 405 between Montgomery & Watsontown, Route 54 from Montgomery to Warrior Run Blvd and surrounding areas.

No Collections
Customers 91
Approximate Monthly
Profit 1,000 +tips

Ruth Hurst ext. 1150
David Montis ext. 1149
All routes are available Immediately

Williamsport District 50
Route 4610
Grampian Blvd, Almond St, Sheridan St., Grove St.

No Collections
Number of Customers 60
Approximate Monthly
Profit + tips $275.00

Ruth Hurst ext. 1150
David Montis ext. 1149

Williamsport District 50
Route 4260
Center St., West Edwin St.

No Collections
Number of Customers 30
Approximate Monthly
Profit + Tips $140.00

Ruth Hurst ext. 1150
David Montis ext 1149

Mansfield District 40
Route MTR6370

No Collections
Number of Customers 85

David Montis
ext 1149

Routes are available

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NOTE TO READERS! In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment. Most of them sell information on manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home.
The Faribault County Register
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The Fairmont Sentinel
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