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Legal Notice Public Announcement
The Trumbull County Department of Job and Family Services, in conjunction with the County Family Services Planning Committee, will hold its open Public Hearing for the purpose of public input for development of the Title XX Social Services Delivery Plan for the Federal Fiscal Program Years commencing October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018 and October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. The Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board and the Trumbull County Board of Developmental Disabilities will also be invited to participate. We are urging all interested parties to present their comments and concerns for meeting the Social Service needs of all the citizens of Trumbull County. The Trumbull County Department of Job and Family Services also requests that a written copy of each person's comments be provided for the Department's record during this meeting. Date: April 20, 2017
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Place: Commissioner's Hearing Room
Trumbull County Administration Building
160 High Street NW, 5th Floor
Warren, OH. 44481
Individuals unable to attend the above Public Hearing may send their written comments to Mrs. Kimberly Barrell, Program Administrator at the Trumbull County Department of Job and Family Services, Adult Services Division, 280 North Park Avenue, Warren, OH. 44481
by April 17, 2017.
#058-2T-February 27 & March 6, 2017 #3001
20 - 1003001

4- P255/70/16
(419) 618-1169
9 - 293622

Hospital bed w/electric controls, side rails & bedding 419-379-8238
9 - 293594

Revised Code, Sec. 2109.32-.33
Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division
Accounts and vouchers of the following named persons and estates have been filed in said Court of Trumbull County Ohio, for approval and settlement.
02 GDP 0153 Ioannis Tataris Twelfth
06 GDP 0130 Ryan L. Miller Tenth
07 GDP 0184 David Provitt Sr. Fifth
09 GDP 0188 Robert S. Baker Final
12 GDP 0022 Hester G. Dixon Fifth
15 GDP 0080 Katherine F. Oros First
16 GDP 0007 Gerard M. Skertic First
6538 George T. Weiss Forty-Seventh
86 TST 0018 Ralph H. Ewe Thirtieth
10 TST 0007 Robert S. Baker Final
10 TST 0011 Karin E. Sumner Final
11 TST 0003 Earl Warner Sixth
99 EST 0781 Lucille M. Perry Eighth
12 EST 0973 Eugene J. Baker Sr. Final
13 EST 0075 Uralee Simpson Final
13 EST 0959 Lois P. Mountain Final
14 EST 0440 Joyce E. Leigh Final
14 EST 0964 Edwin H. Cornell Final
15 EST 0653 Joyce M. Wilson Final
15 EST 1012 Denzilo R. Leigh Final
16 EST 0101 Ethel M. Wolfe Final
16 EST 0132 Lou Tabor Jr. Final
16 EST 0195 Peter L. Ruman Final
16 EST 0218 Joseph E. Arnett Final
16 EST 0463 Anna Wortman Final
16 EST 0482 Anna R. Wright Final
16 EST 0508 Betty R. Tricker Final
16 EST 0535 Lenore M. Polly Final
16 EST 0541 Amelia M. Kagy Final
16 EST 0598 Gale Guman Final
16 EST 0643 Dominic C. Feorene Final
16 EST 0708 Suzanne P. Jones Final
16 EST 0749 Stella J. Lipski Final
16 EST 0870 Walter K. Shafer Final
16 EST 0872 Margaret Panyko Final
16 EST 0924 Virginia P. Wilson Final
16 EST 0925 June F. Lyons Final
16 EST 0985 Tsuneko Creamer Final
16 EST 0985 Tsuneko Creamer Amended Final
Unless exceptions are filed thereto, said accounts will be for hearing before said Court on the 12th day of April, 2017, at which time said account will be considered and continued from day to day until finally disposed of. Any person interested may file written exceptions to said accounts or to matters pertaining to the execution of the trust, not less than five days prior to the date set for hearing.
James A. Fredericka
, Probate Judge
#055-3T-February 24, March 3 & 10, 2017 #3030
20 - 1003030

The Niles City School District will be accepting proposals for the operation and management of the school district's Food Service Program. Electronic proposals can be obtained by contacting the district Treasurer, Linda Molinaro, by e-mail at A walk-through of the district's cafeterias will be held on March 10, 2017, at 10:30 A.M. Attendance is required. The walk-through location will start at 309 N. Rhodes, Niles, Ohio, 44446. The sealed proposals will be opened at 12:00 P.M. on March 24, 2017, in the Board Office, located at 309 N. Rhodes Ave., Niles, Ohio, 44446. The Niles City School District Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.
#055-2T-February 24 & March 3, 2017 #3012
20 - 1003012

The Village of Lordstown, Ohio is soliciting a Request for Proposals from qualified firms for a long-term contract to provide maintenance and tank asset management of Village-owned water towers (vessels).
The services to be provided under this contract include, but are not limited to the following services: engineering, inspection, rehabilitation, repair, perpetual maintenance, repainting, washout, preventive maintenance, proactive asset management, and security.
Firms are invited to submit a response to this RFP to the Village of Lordstown on or before 10:00 a.m. local time, on March 14, 2017. Responses received after the due date/time shall not be considered. Copies of the complete request for proposal may be obtained from the Village Clerks office M-F between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time.
All technical questions for the requested services shall be received prior to March 10, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. local time. Questions received after the due date/time shall not be considered.
Submit Proposals to: Village of Lordstown, Ohio
Administration Office
Attn: Mr. William Blank, Clerk
Village of Lordstown
1455 Salt Springs Rd.
Warren, OH 44481
Responses shall be sent in a sealed envelope, and the envelope shall be labeled,"Maintenance and Tank Asset Management for Water Towers."
The contractor and all subcontractors shall pay employees on the project the prevailing wages established by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Bureau of Labor and Worker Safety, including all updates, and shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 4115 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Questions regarding the proposal process or interested parties should be referred to: Clerk, Mr. William Blank
#055-2T-February 24 & March 3, 2017 #3026
20 - 1003026

CASE NO. 2017-CV-00238
Date of Filing: February 8, 2017
Unknown Heirs, Assigns, Legatees and Devisees of Fred T. Calvert, Deceased and Unknown Heirs, Assigns, Legatees and Devisees of Mary A. Calvert, Deceased, whose last known address is: Unknown, and who cannot be served, will take notice that on February 8, 2017, the Plaintiff, Federal National Mortgage Association filed its Complaint in the Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas, Trumbull County, Ohio, being Case No. 2017-CV-00238 in said court against Unknown Heirs, Assigns, Legatees and Devisees of Fred T. Calvert, Deceased, praying for judgment in the amount of: $47,158.24, plus interest at 4.875% per annum from November 1, 2015, together with advances for taxes, insurance and monies otherwise expended, plus costs for foreclosure of a mortgage on the following described real estate:
Permanent Parcel No.: 38-125500
Also known as: 344 Meadowbrook Avenue SE, Warren, OH 44483
A full copy of the legal description can be found in the Trumbull County Recorder's Office
Defendants are hereby notified that you have 28 days from the last date of publication of this notice to answer or otherwise plead in this matter, or judgment will be taken against you, and any claim which you may have in this real estate shall be forever barred.
Submitted by,
Andrew M. Tomko (0090077)
Attorney for Plaintiff
Sandhu Law Group, LLC
1213 Prospect Avenue, Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44115
Telephone: 216-373-1001
Fax: 216-373-1002
#054-3T-February 23, March 2 & 9, 2017 #3025
20 - 1003025

Blue hide-a-way sofa 419-447-3999
9 - 293540

Wetland Delineation for Central Heavy Maneuver Area
The Adjutant General's Department
Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center
1438 State Route 534 SW
Newton Falls, Ohio 44444
Bids Due: NO LATER THAN 2:00p.m. Local Time Tuesday, March 14th 2017 at the Adjutant General's Department, AGOH-DIMR-PC, 2825 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Room 217 W, Columbus, Ohio 43235, Attn: State Contracting Office.
Contract Estimate Cost
Wetland Delineation for Central Heavy Maneuver Area $154,000.00
Pre-bid Meeting: All prospective Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-bid meeting on Friday, March 3, 2017 at 10:00a.m., located at Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center. Prospective bidders are required to register a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the pre-bid meeting by contacting Mr. Tim Morgan at 614-336-6568 or The pre-bid meeting will be held at the Environmental Office at the East Gate, 1438 State Route 534 SW, Newton Falls, Ohio 44444.
Bid Documents: Bidding documents may be obtained from AGOH- DIMR, (614) 336-4525, e-mail
The Biding Documents may be reviewed during business hours at the Adjutant General's Department, State Contracting Office.
#052-2T-February 21 & 28, 2017 #3023
20 - 1003023

TO: Doreen Mae Truran
1383 Trumbull Ave. S.E.
Warren, OH 44484
In the Matter of: Doreen Mae Truran, LPN
On Nov. 17, 2016, the Ohio Board of Nursing indefinitely suspended Ms. Truran's license with conditions for reinstatement to be followed by probationary terms and restrictions based on her testing positive for marijuana while working as a nurse, and administering a medication to a patient via hypodermic needle after she stuck herself with the same needle, which are violations of Section 4723.28(B)(8), (B)(18) [as in effect prior to March 20, 2013] and (B)(16), ORC, and Rules 4723-20-02 [as in effect as of Feb. 1, 2011] and 4723-20-07 [as in effect as of Feb. 1, 2011], OAC. On Dec. 8, 2016, the Board mailed the Order by certified mail to Ms. Truran's address of record listed above, and to an alternate address, but the mailings were returned marked "Unable to Forward" and "Unclaimed." Ms. Truran is advised that her Ohio nursing license, PN-099713, is suspended. Ms. Truran may be entitled to an appeal. A Notice of Appeal setting forth the Order appealed from and the grounds for appeal must be filed with the Board and the Franklin Cty. Ct. of Common Pleas within 15 days after the last date of publication of this notice and in accordance with the requirements of Section 119.12, ORC. Please contact the undersigned to ascertain the last date of publication. Any questions or correspondence should be addressed to:
Lisa Ferguson Ramos
Compliance Unit Manager
17 S. High Street, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43215-7410
#048-3T-February 17, 24 & March 3, 2017 #3015
20 - 1003015

64 yrs old looking for female companionship, 60 plus yrs.
37 - 355431

Donald Jones, Jr., whose last known place of residence/employment is 717 Delaware Avenue SW, Warren, OH 44485, otherwise whose place of residence is unknown, and Shae Jones, whose last known place of residence/ employment is 303 East Judson Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44507, will take notice that on the 1st day of August, 2016, Jessica Faith and Daniel Faith filed a Complaint against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Trumbull County, Ohio being Case No. 2016-CV-01374 on the docket of said Court, alleging that on or about September 17, 2014, Plaintiff, Jessica Faith, was proceeding westbound on E. Market Street in the City of Warren, Ohio when the Defendant, Donald Jones, Jr., negligently operated a vehicle owned by Defendant, Shae Jones, causing a collision with the Plaintiff's vehicle, thus causing injury to Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs, Jessica Faith and Daniel Faith, demand judgment against the Defendants, Donald Jones Jr. and Shae Jones, for money damages in an amount in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars, plus interest and costs of this action.
You are required to answer the Complaint within twenty-eight days after the last date of publication of this notice, which will be published for six successive weeks, said answer date being the 17th day of April, 2017.
In case of your failure to answer or otherwise respond as required by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint.
Attorney for Plaintiffs
#044-6T-February 13, 20, 27 & March 6, 13, 20, 2017 #3003
20 - 1003003

Call the Seneca County Dog Warden's office Monday-Friday, 8:30 am -12:30 pm or leave message 419-448-5097
to see if we found your dog.
9 - 217491

2811 S. SR 100
TIFFIN, OH 419-447-5704
9 - 217490