Hot-Ads Results
Saturday, Sept 22nd, 29th and Saturday, Oct. 6th
8:00AM - 12:00PM
South Western Storage Facility, 1670 Eden Evans Center Rd., Evans NY
Various Sale Items
Used tools, hardware, yard equip., misc household items,
collectibles, antiques, etc. Park outside our security gate in our Customer Parking and come in through our man gate.
2 - 692215

Items to be sent to our Soldiers
by Oct. 15th
Hand warmers, foot warmers, wool or knit socks, note- cards, Christmas cards, phone cards, Adirondack magazines, small games, new t-shirts, cookies, snacks, candy, pens, etc. Items should be dropped off at Shirley's at 111 Prospect Ave., Saranac Lake.
23 - 155504

Friendly Divorce
Attorney Robert Schnizler
Free Consultation
111 W. 2nd716-487-3332
2 - 619045